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International Degree Program

At IILM, we are committed to help our students become future leaders. Our collaboration with SBS Swiss Business School, Switzerland earns our students International Degree in BBA (Entrepreneurship) at the end of the 3-year program.

Global Study Program in 2 Continents

IILM provides students an opportunity to study modules spread over a period of four weeks in two partner Institutions in Europe , North America and South Asia after the first and second year.The program is a great contributor to enhance knowledge and international perspective. Apart from academics, students also get exposure to the culture abroad.

Specialized Mentoring

IILM has the tradition of implementing a robust mentoring program for each and every student which gives focused attention to their academic and career objectives . Hence , students who are interested in starting a new venture, expanding family business or pursuing their higher education abroad are given mentoring support to achieve their dream.

Supporting Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) at IILM encourages entrepreneurial mind-set among students in order to guide them in realizing their dreams. The EDC supports students through one-on- one interaction with students, workshops, thought evoking activities/games, sessions with start-up founders and simulations to initiate and develop the entrepreneurial spirit among students.

Family Business Expansion

If you wish to pursue your family business after your studies, IILM will guide you to learn about the practical side of running a business. IILM equips the next generation of our family business intrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge so that you can take your business to the next level.

Higher Education Abroad

Many students at IILM aspire to pursue their masters abroad. Towards this , the International Office at IILM makes sincere efforts to guide students aspiring to move abroad for higher studies. Our students have progressed to University of Warwick , UK , Bristol University, UK , RMIT University , Australia , Grenoble Graduate School of Business, France to name a few.

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Ranking & Accreditations


IILM is ranked 11th in 3 Palmes of Excellence category for Business Schools based on Dean’s Recommendation Rate


Accredited by SBS Swiss Business School, our undergraduate BBA program helps
you to open your career to a plethora of opportunities.

Join the Best Alumni Club

Alumni Club

IILM has a large base of alumni currently holding excellent positions in different organizations across industries. The alumni includes not only individuals working for various organizations but also individuals belonging to renowned family businesses as well as students who start up their own innovative ventures. These alumni are regularly invited to our campus for events, interactions and guest lectures so that our students can interact with them and gain ideas from their experiences. They can also ask for feedback on ideas they may have developed. These alumni also become alumni mentors to our students in order to guide them in their future endeavours.